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Sydney Motorcycles Articles

Ladies, Start Your Motorbike Engines

WOMEN are taking to motorcycles at twice the rate of men as crowded roads, full cark parks and fuel costs push them on to a more dangerous form of transport, licence statistics show.

Pub Fights Led To Big Drug Bust

INVESTIGATIONS into a sudden increase in glass attacks and violent assaults in local pubs ended up busting two major drug syndicates in Sydney's south-west.

Motorbike Riders Risk Impotence, Say Doctors

MEN who ride motorcycles are at risk of impotence and urinary problems because the vibration of the engine damages nerves in their penises, a study has found.

Scoots A Hoot, Trikes Delight

With motorcycle sales booming, fans are zooming to this weekend's Sydney show. Brent Davison reports.

Ah, La Dolce Vespa For Me

It might have been Sydney's coldest October day in 30 years but Brent Davison was enjoying the warmth of an Italian riding experience.